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Tools Used By Forensic Experts In Crime Scene Measurement

Photogrammetry is the process of extracting measurements from photographs and it has applications in many fields such as cartography, architecture, archaeology, and even medicine. 

In a forensic reconstruction setting, experts use photogrammetry tools to obtain measurements of scene evidence or vehicle damage. Check out here to know what software they use and how it works in great detail. We have even used the technique to efficiently obtain measurements from a single photograph or videos taken by police, media, witnesses, CCTV or unknown sources when the evidence is no longer available to directly examine.

photogrammetry software

The photogrammetry expert will optimize the results, adjust unknown parameters by accounting for a range, and refine the camera positions to define the uncertainties (which is an inherent aspect of a scientific process).

While photogrammetry is most accurate when conducted using photos taken by an expert with a calibrated high-resolution camera and coded targets, it is possible to extract measurements from other photographs. 

Often, when the subject scene evidence or a vehicle is no longer available, photographs taken shortly after a loss showing the vehicles at rest or roadway evidence are all of the evidence we have available. This evidence may be useful and meaningful to us. 

They can often extract information such as the parameters of the camera and its location relative to the environment. They can then also re-attend the scene and retake the photographs with measurement markers included, and use these new, enhanced photographs to locate the evidence as it would have been after the incident.

Pool Hot Tub Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Did you know that your pool pump only ranks second in terms of energy consumption after your air conditioner? There is no doubt that swimming pools use a lot of energy and, with regular use, can increase your energy bill.

Here's the good news: With some smart tips and solutions, you can reduce energy consumption in swimming pools and hot tubs, thereby lowering your monthly energy bill.

In today's guide, you'll discover the best ways to save energy while keeping your pool and hot tub in tip-top shape. You can pop up here to buy swimming pool enclosures in Canada.

Top tips for saving energy for pools and hot tubs:

1. Switch to the LED light

No one likes to swim in a cloudy, dim pool, especially on short winter days. Whether you are using your home pool or hot tub, you will likely have plenty of light around the pool area or illuminate the paths that lead to the pool or hot tub.

LED lamps to use less energy and have a longer life than incandescent and halogen lamps. LED bulbs require less wattage thus reducing overall power consumption.

Another alternative is to switch to sunlight. If you live in a geographic location that receives lots of sunshine all year round, sunshine is a great opportunity to cut your energy bill.

2. Consider a cartridge filter

Cartridge filters require less energy compared to sand and filter systems. Although sand and DE filters provide exceptionally clean water, this filter system has a high drag coefficient that makes the pump run harder. This uses more energy to keep your pool clean.

Some Maintenance Tips for Spa Pool

If you have made a huge investment on your knees or on your spa, it is just wise to invest in keeping them clean and well maintained. Cleaning and proper maintenance, keep in good condition and extend their life so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some maintenance tips pool and spa, you may want to consider.

1. Clean your pool or spa filter at least once a week. Remove dirt and stains which clogging of the filter. Use specific spa filter cleaner or degreaser for better cleaning performance. Let rest on the filter cleaning as for 15 minutes and rinse with water using a garden hose for 20 minutes. You can get the more information about the thermal baths spa via (It is also known as “termiske bade spa via” in the German language).

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2. Keep your pool or spa sanitized water for swimming and relaxing experience safely. Ph and alkaline balance will keep your heater works perfectly levels.

3. Cleaners specially designed pools and cleaning tubs are available. Use appropriate cleaners that use bleach or detergents. These household cleaners can damage parts of the filter and other components of your pool or spa, which are sensitive to aggressive cleaning agents.