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A Guide To Installing A Garden Fence

Garden fencing not only gives your landscape a modern or rustic look, it also provides security, privacy and serenity. It is important to protect your vegetables and plants from wild animals. Maintenance is also easy and installation is affordable. With quality wood, your fence will remain useful for years.

To install a picket fence, you must first check your title deed. You must be 100% sure that the border does not belong to your neighbor. Then check the fence design and size that best suits your needs and your garden. If you want to install a best quality garden fence in Canada, pay attention to the type of fence you are considering buying.

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Garden fence type: A garden fence with springs is made of overlapping vertical wooden planks. It is the heaviest and strongest panel type, giving you excellent privacy. It is also very good for fencing.

Waney Lap fences are made of overlapping horizontal planks of wood, an inexpensive fence that offers a high level of privacy.

The mesh fence can be used alone as a decorative panel on a sturdy fence or as an open privacy fence.

The palisade garden fence provides a good perspective and security in the form of a typical picket fence.

Fence post: The next step you need to do is to choose the right fence post. Both concrete and wood fence posts have their advantages and disadvantages. Concrete posts provide a sturdy fence but require a lot of work, whereas wooden fence posts are much easier to work with. But because they are buried underground, they tend to rot.

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