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ABA Treatment Services in San Jose

ABA is a systematic approach to treating the symptoms of autism while increasing communication and decreasing maladaptive behaviors. It focuses on the fact that not being able to communicate is frustrating and kids will act out as a result.

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that ABA therapy can improve communication, social relationships, play skills.

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Building better lives for children through providing comprehensive, individualized ABA Treatment services is very important for their lives.

A team of highly skilled BCBAs and Behavior Technicians in San Jose provide quality individualized Applied Behavior Analysis services to families with children of all ages who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays.

They offer ABA Treatment services across San Jose.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy for children with autism involves many hours of dedicated, one-on-one treatment with each child.

The Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) implement ABA therapy programs to address the behavioral deficits, including impaired social-communication and restricted, repetitive behaviors that are the hallmarks of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), improving each child’s ability to communicate, interact, and thrive in the world.

To assist families, they offer a variety of ABA therapy programs that provide the family with quality services.

  • Early Intervention
  • School Age Readiness
  • Functional Life Skills Development
  • Social Skills Development
  • Parent and Caregiver Training
  • Speech Therapy (Only for ABA Clients)

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