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All About the Perfume and Its Many Uses

Every perfume smells different on every woman; this is thanks to our natural pheromones which we release through our pores. There are three main types of perfume: citrus, floral and oriental. The base ingredient in the fragrance determines which category it falls into. 

The floral natural perfumes are more suitable for day wear. While the exotic undertones and heavy fragrances of oriental perfumes can be worn at special events and other occasions, the heavier and more versatile floral perfumes are better suited for evening wear. 

Many women like different fragrances that they can choose from depending on their mood or the occasion. There are also many other perfumes that combine each of these three types.

Perfume has always been one of the most popular gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Although we will happily buy our lighter, every day scents for ourselves, we much prefer to receive the more expensive brands as gifts. As most perfumes can now be bought in gift sets, we can bathe in it, moisturize ourselves with and finally spray it.

Some of the big perfume makers have one singular perfume that is renowned the world over. Think Chanel you think No.5, while others main fragrances are the designers name, such as Paco Rabanne.

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