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Choosing a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Retractable pool enclosures are convenient and offer peace of mind in many ways. A pool cover means that you won't have to clean it every time you use it. You can also open it by pushing a button. These enclosures are made from the finest materials and are custom-designed. Elite pool covers are safe, durable, and discreet. They add real value to your home.

There are various materials used in the construction of pool covers namely: multi-wall poly-carbonates, aluminum, and glass, among others. You can also explore the wide variety of swimming pool enclosures via

Enclosure options

When it comes to swimming pool enclosures there are three main options.

The first is a temporary inflatable cover that can be erected and then removed each time the pool is used. This type of cover, typically a bubble or pool dome, is secured around the perimeter of the pool and then inflated. A suitable convection heater can be used to pump warm air into the dome and, although cheap and cheerful, it will work. On the downside this type of enclosure is not suitable in wind and is better used on cooler summer days where the air temperature is cooler, but not cold. This type of enclosure is not suitable for medium to large pools.

The second option is a telescopic enclosure. These enclosures are normally metal framed with safety glass and they slide over the pool providing some protection and plenty of light. As with the bubbles and domes they are better suited to cooler spring or summer days and they can be opened when the day warms up. Their design makes them suitable for any square or rectangular pool and they can be built over a good sized swimming pool. Top of the range telescopic pools have a motor and remote operation.

The third option is the pool house, a proper permanent structure built to house the swimming pool. This option is the only one that genuinely offers the opportunity to use the pool 365 days a year, irrespective of outside conditions.


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