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Choosing Tripods for Cameras

There are lots of different tripods for cameras available on the market. If you've been taking pictures for a while, you've probably started to realise just how handy a good tripod would be. But tripods are another expense, and there is no point rushing with a purchase that turns out to be inadequate. So, make sure that you consider the main specifications required.

Let's look at the important things to consider:

1. Weight Limit.

A tripod's basic mission statement is to hold a camera firm, so that it remains perfectly still during exposure. Not all tripods are built the same and each come with a weight limit established. Be sure to weight out how much your camera before selecting a tripod.

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2. Head.

The head is the top of the tripod to the camera aggregates. Fortunately, tripods are often available with interchangeable heads so that a range of cameras can adapt. But make sure the head does not exclude a tripod camera you have, as this can sometimes be the case.

Do you prefer the idea of a head pan / tilt head or a hollow ball? The first one moves around in vertical and horizontal lines, panning from side to side and tilting up and down. The latter provides more freedom.

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