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Common Sliding Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Repairing sliding doors can be difficult, especially if you don't have much experience and knowledge of the system. When the door does not slide or close properly, there are various problems that can cause this. This can be a real nuisance, especially when it comes to interior sliding glass doors that are constantly being used. In any case, you should act immediately, try to find and fix the problem. 

Fixing a door track

If the door track is damaged or broken, you need to take immediate action. A track problem usually results in the sliding door’s inability to open or close. One of the most common causes of a sticking door is a dirty track. Built-in dust and debris can “clog” the track and affect the smooth sliding of the door. Use a vacuum cleaner and a wire brush to clean the track regularly to avoid this.

If that does not seem to work, you can get a professional handyman via to inspect and identify the problem. The specialist can also find and fix any other problems with your sliding door that you may have missed.

Repairing sliding door rollers

The rollers often cause trouble for sliding door owners, mainly due to the amount of dust and grime that collects along the tracks over the years. In this case, a simple cleaning can quickly solve your problem.

However, sometimes sliding doors can prove hard to close or open, even with the track clean and the whole system working properly. If this happens, then it may be that the upper or bottom rollers are simply worn out from the constant rubbing against the track. If just the rollers on top do not work properly, the weight of the whole door will fall on the bottom rollers and make them slide harder.

Remove the door from the track and lay it on a flat surface. Examine the rollers to determine whether they are broken, bent, loose, or simply worn out. If the issue is a loose roller, then you just have to tighten the screws. If the issue is a broken or bent roller, you’ll need to replace it, preferably with an identical one, so it will help if you can find or already know the name of the manufacturer.

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