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Different Dance Festivals of India

India is such an eclectic country. There are many types of Indian dance, and each one is unique in its style and color. Here are some of the Indian dance festivals your India travel visa allows you to visit. You can  leave a comment on the website to know more about dance styles.

The Konark Dance Festival, which is held in Konark, Orissa twice a year in February and December, is located in Konark. The festival takes place in the open auditorium grounds near the sun temple. The state capital Bhubaneswar is approximately 68km from the sun temple. 

This location is near the Black Odissi Dance Pagoda. It is a monument made of black granite that shows the chariots of the sun god. In celebration of Orissa, the dance festival showcases both the traditional forms of Indian regional dances and national dance forms. The Natya Mandap is the backdrop for the dance performances. Dance styles vary from the 19th century to the 21st century.

Your India visa will allow you to visit the Modhera festival, which is one of India's most famous dance festivals. Modhera is located near Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat. It was built by King Bhimdev centuries ago.

With the traditional visa for India, you can easily enter Gujrarat for business or tourism purposes. The Festival takes place in the sun temple. It is dedicated entirely to Surya, also known as the sun god. There are many classical Gujarati dances that can be seen at the sun temple. The festival lasts three days and is held in January. This is the most popular season for Indian tourism. 

If you plan to use your India visa to travel via Mumbai, then it is worth attending the annual festivals on the small island located 10 km from Mumbai Harbour. After seeing elephant carvings in the walls, the Portuguese renamed the island Elephanta. 


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