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Different Types Of Natural Spectrum Light

It has been scientifically proven that natural sunlight is better for your eyes because the eye muscles contract and relax for better illumination without irritation. But at night, it may be difficult for a person to see completely contrasting colors.

To address this aspect, Verilux invented the natural light of the spectrum, which simulates natural light and brings the benefits of natural light indoors for residential or commercial use. To get more information about natural daylighting simulation (In the Spanish language “simulación de luz natural”) via

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Natural spectrum light forms are basic lighting designed around the eyeball, cones, and photoreceptors so that they work together and produce better results when exposed to a fully balanced light spectrum.

With a balanced stimulus, an individual’s brain works more effectively in interpreting a variety of information, which is important for creating an accurate representation of the living world around them. Today, the company’s lamps and tubes are used in innovative applications such as light therapy.

There are various spectrum lighting devices in the market introduced by the company and they are categorized into the table and floor lamps, lightboxes, and full-spectrum light bulbs. Table and floor lamps are types of lamps commonly used for reading, writing, or desk activities with a power of 27 watts with an average lamp life of up to 10,000 hours.

Typically, table and floor lamps are energy-efficient, glare-free, smudge-free, adjustable brightness, flexible neck, instant ignition and reduce eye strain. Lightboxes and light therapy devices are full-spectrum lamps which are widely used in hospitals and health centers for light therapy.


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