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Dont Waste Your Money On Fresh Flowers – Buy Dried Flowers Instead

Fresh flowers or new plants can change home as easily as the weather. But personally, I found that both of them had really big neck pain. Keeping the plants alive is my concern, and the bouquet, which costs more than my dinner, is very attractive.

Dried flowers, on the other hand, freeze over time. For years I have had bouquets as colourful and fragrant as the day I bought them. I searched for stores and order dry flower online (also known as ‘trockenblumen bestellen online‘ in the German language) for home decor.

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They don’t have the same vitality as fresh flowers, but they do have a dark beauty that can allure in very different ways. And if you buy them (or dry them!) Once, a few fresh bouquets will outlive them – meaning that as a weekly flower buyer, you’re actually saving money drying them.

I bought a dried flower bouquet at a local farmers market, but I can find beautifully styled dried bouquets. That why I opt for an online store and order dry flower from there. They send me a beautifully packed dry flower bequest and I was so amazed to receive it .

However, if you choose to incorporate dry plant products into your dcor, you will love them for years to come.

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