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Everything To Know About British American Tobacco

Cigarettes play an important role in today's society. People communicate less due to the advancement of technology. Cigarettes have become a social glue, which helps people improve their communication. Many anti-smoking initiatives are currently initiated by governments in a large number of countries.

British American Tobacco is one of the most well-known tobacco companies. The uniqueness of this company comes from the fact that it was founded in both Great Britain and the United States. Best american tobacco was founded by the British Imperial and the American Tobacco Company. 

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The manufacture of cigarettes was significantly influenced by the 1914 outbreak of World War I. The demand for cigarettes was huge and companies worked hard to meet it. Although many men went to war in the end, this didn't stop the production. Many women were employed to replace the men. The average annual sales of cigarettes by war companies was 25 billion.

The company gained market share in Latin America, Chili, and Mexico thanks to its permanent expansion. By the 25th anniversary, it had 120 subsidiaries and more than 75 thousand employees around the globe. This tobacco company was finally able to start selling cigarettes in the United States in 1927. However, the 1929 economic crisis slowed down the growth.

British American Tobacco produces snus, a distinctive brand of tobacco product. Place snus, which is smokeless tobacco in small satchels, under your lips. Although cigarettes can cause lung damage, snus is safe and effective for those who are not ready to quit smoking. 

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