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Get Help For Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Are you finding your dog's behaviors unacceptable? Are you noticing excessive chewing, anxiety, stress, or whining in your dog's behavior? Separation anxiety in dogsThis affects thousands of dogs and owners.

There are many things you can do to help your dog if he is in this category. Suffering? Treating separation anxiety in dogs can be very real, and it can also be very stressful. Dogs are pack animals and do not like being left alone. 


Dogs feel more secure when they are surrounded by their family or pack. Dogs are very similar to children in this regard. Dogs need to learn to be left alone, just as children. This is most effective when the dogs are young.

Separation anxiety in dogs is really only one thing to consider. The first is leaving and returning home. The time in-between is the second. You should not fuss about your dog when you go away and return. 

You are only confirming that something is wrong if you do. You are basically telling your dog, "I know that I'm going, and I feel sorry about it", and "Everything's fine now, I'm back." Your dog will eventually accept this as a part of everyday life, especially if you pretend it's not a big deal when you go away and when you return.

Second, ensure your dog has plenty of entertainment in case he becomes bored. What if you leave your children at home all day and they have nothing to do? What do you imagine your home will look like when you return from vacation? 

They will have something to play. Dogs go to sleep most of the time that you are away. Dogs want to be active even when you aren't there. Give them good chew toys that are appropriately sized (not too small to pose choking hazards), and ones they can't chew on (again, a danger). You can put treats or kibble inside some toys and your dog will be entertained for hours trying to retrieve the treat.


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