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Guide To Watch Winders

Watch winders can be useful, but they are also misunderstood. Are they needed for watch collections? Are they doing more harm than good?

Automatic watches have a lot of moving parts and some claim that they are like cars and one has to be careful not to sleep too long. You can buy a watch winder via

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What is a watch winding device?

A watch winding device is a device (usually a case or case) designed to help automatically wind a watch when not in use, rather than allowing the power reserve to run out. It saves time and all date setting functions. If the watch is turned manually, the winding will not keep the mechanism rotating.

With a quartz watch, there is no need for winding due to the constant energy of the battery. Fans are becoming more popular as people collect more watches and want to save the date and time settings while the watch is being worn.

How it works

The reels are battery-operated or plugged in. The windings are designed to reproduce the movement of a wrist-worn watch and oscillate to maintain winding on the mainspring. You will find that some of the watch winders rotate continuously and perhaps in only one direction.

This can add strain to the movement when the movement winds in both directions because it doesn’t mimic wrist twisting.

A good watch dial allows you to set the number of times per day the clock rotates (TPD) and is designed for periodic, not constant rotations. Depending on the model, there will also be settings for one-way or two-way winding. 

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