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How to Find a Duplex For Sale

A duplex is a two-unit residential structure that generally has two separate living spaces, each with its own entrance. In many cases, the units are arranged side by side on a single level. In some cases, the upper unit may have a balcony or sunroom that overlooks the lower unit.

If you are looking at duplex for a deal in San Jose CA, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, the market for duplexes is constantly changing so it is important to research the current market conditions.

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Second, make sure you have enough space in your budget to buy a duplex. Third, be sure to get a good inspection before making an offer on a duplex. Finally, if you are buying a duplex from the owner, make sure you have a written contract in place.

Here is a list of the most common types of duplexes and their features: 

1. The triplex is a three-unit building that includes a front unit, a back unit, and an apartment on each floor. The front unit may be single-family or multi-family, while the back units are usually apartments. Triplexes usually have two bedrooms and two bathrooms on each floor.

2. The quadplex is similar to the triplex, but it includes four units instead of three. Quadplexes usually has four bedrooms and four bathrooms on each floor.

3. The penthouse is a five-unit building that includes a front unit, a back unit, an apartment on each floor, and a rooftop patio or terrace. Penthouse units usually have five bedrooms and five bathrooms on each floor.

4. The six-unit building is similar to the penthouse, but it includes six units instead of five. Six-unit buildings usually have six bedrooms and six bathrooms on each floor.


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