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How To Set Up Bounce House Rental Business Office

Every business organization is very important. While this is a relatively simple business model, starting a rental business requires you to be organized. Here are simple steps to help you set up.

Policies and procedures

First, you must establish a set of guidelines. Policies protect you from problematic situations and define sound business practices. You can also check for the best bounce house rental software through the web.

Winter Activities

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The first guideline should be determining the price you are asking for a deposit. You always want your customers to pay a deposit to order an inflatable boat.

Think about what you will set as a policy for bad weather or cancellations. Look at your competitors to see how they solve this problem. This information may also be available to you online, so do your research and enforce policies that you feel are fair.

Organize your office space

If you run an office outside your home, you need to find a quiet and well-organized area. A large wall calendar or daily timer is essential when setting up your reservation.


You will want a bank account just for your bounce house business. You will earn the trust of your business and be very organized when it comes time to calculate your taxes.

You want to use basic business accounting software. They save you time and keep you organized. You must ensure that you are disciplined in entering all your expenses and payments.

Running a home rental business is a lot of fun and the office details are easy. Do what you can to stay organized and you will thrive.

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