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Make Your Surrounding Creative With Statues

A sculpture may be a stone carving or metal work. The materials used for making customized sculptures may vary according to the customer's preferences. The sculpture manufacturer uses the latest technologies to create the finest embellishments for different dimensional exteriors and interiors. 

There are so many techniques that are used to make a stone statue (also known as estatua de piedra in the Spanish language). Some of these are cutting, carving, shaping, moulding, metal casting, sheet metal-work, blacksmithing, welding, and glazing.

Whatever be the material used for the sculpture, the essential features of carving remain the same. The sculptor begins the work with a mass of solid material and systematically reduces or shapes it to the desired form. With the completion of defining the outer limit of the form, the sculptor starts to work on the whole statuette. 

The beginning is done with carving the larger parts and then the smaller parts and is continued till the desired details are reached. Then the finishing touches are given. The direct art carving process imposes a trait order on the sculpture forms.

The assembling process is done by joining the pieces or parts already carved, modelled and casted. The construction of the sculptures are done by using the components like metal tubes, plates, rods, and laminated timbers. 

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