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Pain Management – How Hypnosis Can Help Manage Pain

Pain management help is available to support and guide you to exercise interventions. Hypnosis is a complementary approach to dealing with discomfort that is very promising. You can use this strategy for managing pain in conjunction with therapies recommended by your physician. In some cases, self-hypnosis is all that you need.

Many people overlook this effective pain management help but this approach can work wonders for you. Consulting your physician about your pain and discomfort is necessary in the proper treatment of ongoing painful sensations. There may be a serious medical condition behind your discomfort.

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Primary Care Physician or Pain Management Doctor: What is the Difference?

Stanford Research and Experiment

Ernest Hillgard was a Professor of Psychology who worked at Stanford University. He researched the effect of hypnosis as pain management help in a controlled experiment. The research control group showed that this approach is effective as a pain self-help remedy.

Problems with Painful Sensations

Your discomfort should not be taken lightly. You have the means to manage pain through self-medicating and other interventions. However, pain is an important protective device that is used to alert your brain that there is trouble. If you ignore it, you may be ignoring a serious underlying medical problem.

For example, you can have chronic headaches that are persistent. You can use hypnosis to quell the pain but it is important to follow up with a visit to your doctor. The headaches can be important indicators of medical conditions including tumors that need immediate attention.

If you already know the cause of the pain then you can take steps for pain self help. Hypnosis is ideal because it has no side effects and the process is relaxing and satisfying. Self-hypnosis is effective pain management but it is no replacement for medical attention.

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