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Plant some green into your office palette!

for hire office plant

Plants are a pleasing sight and a calming presence. Office interiors are required to impress; a professional, chic office gives an impression of excellence. Your office will take a step up in class and sophistication with a spread of green biodiversity. There is a multitude of options in office plants: 

1. Planters

Pots come in various designs like cones, cubes, coral, wedges, troughs, desktop planters, hanging planters, and pods/megapods. 

2. Plants and flowers

After choosing your planter, you have the choice of plants like Zanzibar gem, Rhapis palm, cascade palm, or liriope or flowers like phalaenopsis orchids, bromeliads, or anthuriums. You can also choose to display a stunning silk flower arrangement.   

3. Plant walls

Using plant walls as a living divider of office space is a unique design choice that gives the office a very peaceful atmosphere amidst of all those plants.

4. Live wall art

Framing your office plants as live wall art is a trendy new design alternative, and given the saving of floor space and the range of sizes and colours available, its popularity is no surprise. 

Making the right choices for the right spots is essential to the aesthetic. Office plants can improve the health of everyone working in the space. 

To lift the office's mood with an office plant, hire professionals qualified in the study of horticulture. Experienced plants-capers can install the plants suitable for your office space, perfect for your budget. It is done with minimal disruption, and the plants will be exceptionally maintained. Choose this office plant for hire!  

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