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Separation Anxiety In Dogs: Why It Happens And How To Fix It

Separation anxiety is a common issue for dogs and can be an emotional struggle for both you and your dog. Learn more about separation anxiety, why it happens, and how to fix it all in this blog post!

Why do Dogs Develop Separation Anxiety?

There are a number of reasons why dogs may develop separation anxiety. It could be due to a change in their routine (such as a new baby in the house), a move to a new home, or the loss of a companion animal. Separation anxiety can also be triggered by changes in the owner's schedule. It can be treated by providing separation anxiety training for dogs and therapies with help of experienced dog trainers.

separation anxiety training for dogs

What to Do When You Come Home to a Dog with Separation Anxiety?

If your dog has separation anxiety, you can do a few things to ease their anxiety, like: 

  • First, try to create a schedule for coming and going. Let your dog know when you’re leaving and when you’ll be back. This way, they can start to anticipate your comings and goings and won’t be as anxious when you leave.

  • Second, try to create a calm environment for your dog when you’re gone. Leave them with some toys or bones to chew on, and make sure they have plenty of water. 

  • Finally, don’t make a big deal out of coming and going. If you act like it’s no big deal, your dog will start to see it that way too. Just give them a quick pat on the head and then be on your way. 

With some patience and separation anxiety training, your dog’s separation anxiety will start to improve.

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