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Asbestos and Bushfires How to Stay Safe from the Risks They Cause?

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The bushfire season brings a lot of worries for people residing in areas nearby forests and other green landscapes. While those fires can be devastating for homes and lives, another risk follows after the end of the bushfire. It’s the silent threat that spreads out of the damaged properties in the form of tiny fibres and asbestos. It can cause deadly results to humans, causing various medical issues from lung problems to certain cancers. So, you should know how to stay safe from such risks.

How are Bushfires and Asbestos-Related?

Before being considered deadly, asbestos was used as a popular construction material to prevent mishaps. Its durability and fireproof properties made it the first choice of constructions prone to incidents like bushfires. Later, it was discovered that those tiny asbestos fibres can go airborne when disturbed and cause serious health problems. Thus, after the bushfires cause devastation, your chances of exposure to asbestos increase if your property has used any material containing those fibres.

How to Mitigate Asbestos Risk After a Bushfire?

  • After bushfires burn your property down, avoid rummaging through the debris. Even a tiny amount of asbestos can cause serious implications.
  • If you doubt asbestos presence, ask experts for inspection and removal services before getting close to the area.
  • Prefer using respirators and face covers to avoid any unwanted contact with asbestos.
  • Even if your property is asbestos-free, the fibres might fly to your place from a nearby infected property that also burned down due to the fire.
  • After dealing with the debris, take a thorough shower to get rid of even the minutest fibre particles if any.

Never try DIY and always ask for a professional asbestos inspection in Newcastle to stay safe from uninvited threats.