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Why Boxing in Frankston is Becoming Popular

Boxing in Frankston seems like a raging fitness regime at the moment with lots of clubs and training areas being established. This is due to the effectiveness of the training. 

Image of boxing class Frankston

Boxing, as a sport, has been around for centuries, with it becoming increasingly popular as a general fitness process rather than solely as a competitive sport. It was once a sport only for men due to its brutality, but in an age of gender equality, women are enjoying it more and more. 

The training can be done by men and women alike because it doesn’t require much fitness, flexibility or equipment that is specific to one gender. Additionally, training sessions can be mixed. They also require smaller amounts of space than other group fitness classes meaning they can be done in a variety of spaces. If this wasn't good enough, it can even be trained as a solo sport, simply by having a pair of gloves and a boxing bag. 

Another reason boxing classes Frankston are popular is because it can provide a great cardiovascular workout at the same time as resistance training. This improves heart and lung function whilst building muscle, however you need a boxing bag to help with this to provide that resistance. Additionally, boxing training can be added to create different forms of training such as MMA, Mui Thai,  kickboxing and cross fit. 

Boxing in Frankston has become increasingly popular over the past decade due to it being able to be done by all genders, ages and abilities. Furthermore, very little equipment and space are needed, and it can be added onto it so that it can be changed to other martial arts and training forms.