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High THC Marijuana Use & Mental Health In Canada

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in California and Canada, you find the industry alive and well. You see, there are many commercial breeders specifically that increase levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). As you know, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that makes you drunk. It has an almost immediate psychological effect, throwing the user into an altered state of mind.

The non-THC cannabis market advertises the health benefits – some empirically proven, some not – of dietary supplements, skin creams, protein powders, and various other products. Buyers should be warned that there is a big difference between the stuff people smoke to get drunk and the marijuana byproducts that people use for their health and well-being. You can also buy bulk THC concentrates in Canada.

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When recreational cannabis producers compete for the highest bid — the product with the highest concentration of THC — consumers love it. With higher THC levels, users can get high faster. Unfortunately, because THC is a neurotoxin/toxin, it can also cause brain damage. 

Over time, it can become very serious, because THC kills more brain cells than the body's natural process of forming stem cells can produce. If that doesn't sound serious to you, maybe we should investigate some of the actual implications.

THC temporarily prevents the brain from forming long-term memories and learning new things. To form long-term memories, you must first form short-term memories, but you can't because your brain is damaged in the process.