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How to Use Construction Signs to Market Your Construction Company?

Construction companies, home improvement businesses and general contractors use work fleets every day. The best way for a service industry like a construction company to advertise is by showing off its expertise. Your customers trust you with their home or business, and they want to know that you are fully-qualified.

Signs and banners can be used on all your advertising, not just on your work trucks but also on your website, commercials, and even print media.

The construction industry is becoming increasingly competitive, so you need to make your business stand out with construction signage. Start by choosing a color scheme that looks simple and professional. Construction signs are generally yellow – it’s a common choice, but don’t be afraid to branch out as long as the overall look is still in focus.

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Add magnetic signs to the doors of your work trucks. These are affordable and easy to replace if they are damaged while on the job. They allow you to feature your business name, phone number, and any necessary certifications or DOT lettering.

If you really want to go above-and-beyond, cover the back window of the trucks with car window decals. These can show more-detailed information about your business, like your services, website, email address, etc. Your vehicles will be on the job for a while, and passers-by will notice them, so don’t lose the opportunity to gain their business because you didn’t put signage on your vehicle.

The key here is to create signage that shows that you are an authority in your industry. Don’t take your work fleet for granted-if you choose the right signage it will last long and look great. By displaying your expertise with car signs, potential customers will take notice.