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All You Need To Know About essential Things of Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming serves to beautify your beloved dog, but also to keep the dog clean. It protects against parasites and nasty skin diseases, allowing you to spend quality time with your pet. In addition, you have the opportunity to check your pet's health and see changes in his eyes, nose, ears, skin, gums, and nails.

Ear cleaning

Tilt your dog's head forward hold one of your dog's ears open and gently wipe it with a clean, damp piece of cotton. If you have a Shar-Pei or other dog with facial wrinkles, make sure you clean the wrinkles with a cotton ball every week. Do not put the cotton too deep into the dog's ear. Once done, do the other ear.

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Nail Trimming -Trimming your dog's nails requires extreme care. 

-Buy good scissors and muzzles. Strong scissors break too easily. As for the muzzle, your dog may say it in your mouth a few times before he gets used to the process.

-It is best to trim your dog's nails when he is young. But if it's too late, gently play with your dog's paws so he doesn't get scared when you try to use the scissors.

Haircut of Dogs with long hair

A soft brush should be used daily to prevent frizz and tangles on your dog. Then use the brush to go deeper into your dog's coat. However, do not pull your dog's hair. Remember to take care to untangle the hair under your dog's paws. This area is very sensitive and is often overlooked.