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Why Are Emerald Engagement Rings Special?

People are gradually moving away from traditional diamond and ruby engagement rings to explore new fashion trends in personal jewelry like engagement jewelry. Choosing an emerald ring over other gemstones is one of them. 

White emeralds have a mysterious aura not seen in any gemstone, making them a unique and beautiful choice for engagement. Another reason emeralds are so different but special is the historical majesty and awe they have enjoyed since ancient times. Nowadays, you can easily buy an oval emerald diamond ring via for your next anniversary.

The thrones and jewels of the kings and queens are intricately set in precious green emeralds. In addition, selected emeralds were considered a precious gift among kings. That's why this ring made of precious green gemstone is the perfect choice for unforgettable moments like engagement.

A wide variety of fine emerald engagement rings can be selected from leading jewelers across the country. Whether it's an elegant emerald solitaire ring or a spectacular designer emerald ring, each one reflects beauty and style. 

There are several equally beautiful settings to choose from; round emerald with bucket cut diamond, emerald with pear shaped diamond, oval emerald with diamond, round emerald with diamond, round with three bucket cut diamond, bar set, emerald, emerald with round diamond and and emerald of your choice with a shape or cut in the center surrounded by a dazzling cluster of small diamonds.