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Octopus decor: Add an interesting twist to your bedroom with the wall shelves designs

Octopus decor

Wall shelves are an innovative and attractive way to add storage space to your home. These octopus decor wall shelves are perfect for adding decoration to bare walls vertical lengths of rooms and help stack books. In modern-style homes, wall shelves are indispensable. However, wall shelves are a handy solution for small homes that need smart storage options. No doubt, wall shelves are practical in every room, but you will learn the interesting wall shelves for your bedroom in this article.

These bedroom wall shelves are handy, functional, and quirky. You can place it above the TV unit, on the wall beside the bed, and anywhere you want. Explore these wall shelves designs for your bedroom and get the additional storage space without using the floor area.

1. Simple Honeycomb Wooden Wall Shelves 

If your bedroom has limited space for furnishing, you can add honeycomb wooden wall shelving to your space. Moreover, you all need extra storage space in their bedrooms, so go with the wall shelves instead of adding bulky shelves or showcases. They are easily fixed to the walls and provide enough space to store things. These wall shelves can also use to adorn your plain walls and keep things interesting and amazing in your sleep quarter.

2. A Cool TV Unit with Decorative Wall Shelves 

We all want a clutter-free bedroom design. If there are many things to store in the little place, opt to go with the gorgeous material that adds the storage space in your bedroom. You can add the modular TV unit in your bedroom that comes with the cool book wall shelves. They are designed in the L-shaped and consist the square wall-mounted shelves, which are ideal for collectibles and stacking books. The best part of these wall shelves is they have a wide area to hold the heavy books.

3. Floating Wall Shelves Design 

If you don’t want to go with the wall shelves for your bedroom, choose the floating designs. These are simple wall-mounted shelves where you can stack your small artifacts and photographs. With these floating designs of wall shelves, you can add a clean look to your bedroom, and they are perfect for those who want to keep things simple.

4. Small and Savvy Wall Shelves 

The compact bedroom needs modular furnishings. You can add the small and savvy wall shelves in your bedroom study corner. They have come with three open wall shelves where you can stack your decorative items, documents, and books. It is a perfect addition to your study corner as they are ideal for study corners and help to keep your desk clutter-free.

5. Single Wooden Plank Wall Shelf 

If you want to add limited storage space in your bedroom, add a single wooden plank wall shelf in your bedroom. This type of shelf consists the sturdy designs and makes it ideal for artifacts and stacking books. If you want latest collection of octopus decor for your home, click here for more information.

In summing up

You can add storage space in your bedroom with the octopus decor wall shelves, and they are perfect for styling your bare walls and allowing you to store books and other decorative items. Various types of wall shelves are discussed above for your bedroom.

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