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Create A Process For Hiring Employees

Ask yourself what type of person you are trying to hire. Are you looking for a creative type or a details person? Do you want someone who is right-brain-oriented? Or are you trying to hire a systems person?

Hire the right person the first time rather than spending time training the wrong person, let them go, and do it all over again.

When hiring employees, including the cost of contributing to the employee's company retirement account. If you are hiring a software developer then you can take a programming skills test online.

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If your employees will be full-time and you have a retirement plan like a 401k, SEP IRA, or Profit Sharing Plan, you will have to contribute some dough into their retirement account.

For example, if you contribute $20,000 to your own 401k, you may have to contribute $6,000 to your employee's 401k as well.

Don't just look at the numbers. Look at the bigger picture because this is a good thing for you. It will help you recruit, retain, and reward your employees.

Workers compensation insurance

If your employee gets hurt on the job, this type of insurance pays for medical expenses and part of their lost wages.

Make a mandatory requirement for employers when they hire employees. This insurance is just a cost of doing business. You have to foot the bill. The nature of your business will determine what the premium will be.

Understanding Psychological Assessments and Academic Testing

Educational psychological assessment is a formal procedure undertaken individually between a psychologist and a child (or any person). After building up rapport and making the child comfortable, the psychologist will administer a test to the child.

There are many tests that can be administered so I will just introduce and explain the most commonly used tests. First, though, it is necessary to discuss some general principles of testing.

However, people can also use online coding assessment tools at while choosing employees for their organizations.

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Tests do not tell anyone anything! They do however yield data and information that must be intelligently consumed by the qualified assessor.

The information gathered from a test must fit into the picture of the whole child's life, background, family dynamics, learning and schooling history, motivation, health history, and a thousand other variables.

Anyone who takes the simplistic view that a test provides an answer that can be used to definitively unlock the riddle of a child's learning problems is seriously mistaken.

What is Intelligence?

Arguments about the nature of human intelligence and what comprise it are centuries old. We have looked at one particular psychological test that is based on a model of intelligence that conceives it as a combination of verbal and non-verbal skills.

This model feeds into the common-held understanding that being intelligent means you will 'be good at reading and maths, you will perform well in comprehensive examinations and you will necessarily perform well in school and get into the university program of your choice'.

This is obviously a narrow model and a dangerous assumption – it's one that is being challenged vigorously from many fronts today.