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Stepper Motor Replace in Pointer Gauges

Today's digital world includes a lot of information in numbers. Human nature, however, is more analog and can be represented using bar graphs and pointer gauges. Many applications can use pointer motors and gauges. Automobiles, trains and modern aircraft dashboards all use pointer motors. It doesn't look like pointer gauges are going extinct anytime soon.

A stepper motor is a good way to control a pointer gage. A stepper motor converts electrical pulses to discrete mechanical movements. When electrical commands are given in the correct sequence, the shaft or spindle in a stepper motor turns in discrete steps. You can buy stepper motors from a high-tech enterprise engaged in quality manufacturing.


These applied pulses have several direct connections to the motor's rotation.  The direction of motor shafts' rotation is directly affected by the sequence of applied pulses. The frequency of the input pulses directly affects the speed of motor shafts rotation. If the windings have been energized, the motor will produce full torque at stop (if not).

Good stepper motors can accurately position and move repeatedly. This accuracy is noncumulative and lasts for 3 to 5% of each step. Excellent responsiveness to starting/stopping/reversing. Open-loop control is the motor's response for digital input pulses. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to control. You can achieve very low speeds of synchronous rotation by using a load directly coupled to the shaft.