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EPS: Australian made and fully recyclable

EPS products have been used in the construction and advertising industry in Australia from floor to wall interiors, cold rooms and landscaping. Australian made EPS recycling machine at is used in the construction industry as an effective geotechnical cavity filler and for insulation purposes. All EPS products are manufactured locally according to Australian standards.

Features and advantages:

1. Durable EPS products are lightweight for easy installation, offer outstanding acoustic benefits and offer excellent thermal performance to ensure long term R-value.

2. Weather resistant with low water absorption, EPS provides insulation against temperature and noise extremes.

3. EPS is 100% recyclable at all phases of its lifecycle. It regulates the collection and return of bagged construction waste and returns to sustainable construction products.

4. All EPS products are made from fire retardant raw materials and do not pose a fire hazard if properly installed. Like other organic materials, polystyrene burns when it comes into contact with fire, but extinguishes when the source of the ignition is removed.

5. EPS products can be shaped, cut or laminated as needed. As a versatile product, it can be used in a wide variety of building and construction applications, from cavity fillings to pipe insulation, cold room insulation and complex architectural cornices.

6. As an insulating material, it is used for exterior and interior insulation in commercial and private areas. Suitable for use in steel supports, timber supports, concrete and masonry construction, it offers an efficient and economical insulation solution.

7. The waffle is specifically designed for use in residential areas, providing insulation and support under the slab, working in harmony with the natural movement of the soil, and reducing the concrete required for construction.