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Pool Hot Tub Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Did you know that your pool pump only ranks second in terms of energy consumption after your air conditioner? There is no doubt that swimming pools use a lot of energy and, with regular use, can increase your energy bill.

Here's the good news: With some smart tips and solutions, you can reduce energy consumption in swimming pools and hot tubs, thereby lowering your monthly energy bill.

In today's guide, you'll discover the best ways to save energy while keeping your pool and hot tub in tip-top shape. You can pop up here to buy swimming pool enclosures in Canada.

Top tips for saving energy for pools and hot tubs:

1. Switch to the LED light

No one likes to swim in a cloudy, dim pool, especially on short winter days. Whether you are using your home pool or hot tub, you will likely have plenty of light around the pool area or illuminate the paths that lead to the pool or hot tub.

LED lamps to use less energy and have a longer life than incandescent and halogen lamps. LED bulbs require less wattage thus reducing overall power consumption.

Another alternative is to switch to sunlight. If you live in a geographic location that receives lots of sunshine all year round, sunshine is a great opportunity to cut your energy bill.

2. Consider a cartridge filter

Cartridge filters require less energy compared to sand and filter systems. Although sand and DE filters provide exceptionally clean water, this filter system has a high drag coefficient that makes the pump run harder. This uses more energy to keep your pool clean.