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The Different Types Of Poly Mailers For Packaging

Poly mailers are lightweight plastic packaging envelopes made from moisture-resistant polyethylene. They are a common plastic product that is widely used around the globe. Plastic bags are available in many sizes. These bags offer excellent protection against moisture, tampering, dust, and other elements to make sure your goods reach your customers in perfect condition.

Poly mailers can be used to ship durable goods such as clothing, shoes, and toys right to the doorstep of your customer. Poly mailers can be different in terms of their size, length, purpose, and material composition. It is important to choose the correct type of poly mailer packaging that suits your brand and product requirements.

Poly Mailers

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These are the different types of poly mailers that you can use.

Layflat poly mailers:

Layflat poly bags work well for transporting clothing, shoes, and other unpackaged items. They won't be damaged if other items are placed on top. These are standard poly bags with no bubble padding and usually come in white or gray color.

Composted Poly Mailers:

Compostable Poly Mailers look similar to flat mailers but are made from compostable materials. They can be recycled back to the earth. They are a great alternative to traditional plastic and help to reduce waste.

Bubble Mailers:

Bubble mailers are different from ordinary poly bags in that they are padded with bubble wrap inside. This provides additional protection for the contents. These bags are more expensive than standard poly bags but are better suited to high-quality goods that require extra protection against dents, scratches, and other damages. These are ideal for shipping jewelry, CDs, delicate electronics, and other semi-fragile goods.

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