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The Global Halal Food Market – Riding a Wave of Growth

The literal meaning of the word Arabic 'halal' is permitted. It is used to refer to food and beverages that are permitted for Muslims under Islamic law, as defined in the Qur'an. It puts instructions that determine what foods can be consumed and the preparation method, mostly meat items and animal networks. You can find variety of halal food via

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Muslim consumers now contribute to increasing demand for high quality and halal food varies. Halal certification is a concern for 1.6 billion global Muslim populations because many Muslims live in non-Muslim majority countries where halal certified food is sometimes difficult to find or where the authenticity of certification may be questioned.

Growth potential

What drives fast growth in the halal food market?

Rise in the Muslim population

According to research released in 2015, Muslims currently redeem about a quarter (23.2 percent) of the global population. This study further states that the increase in Muslim populations is caused by younger demographics – many Muslims live in countries with low average age such as Indonesia, India and Pakistan – and an increase in infant mortality. With the awakening of Muslim consumers, the food chain-service such as KFC and Nando now have halal outlets, while Pizza Express uses halal chicken and supermarkets in Europe preparing frozen halal food.

Higher disposable income

Increasing the level of income among Muslim populations triggered demand for new and different halal food. The growing Muslim population and economic development in countries with large Muslim populations make this a profitable segment to invest.


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