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The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

A water heater can be an effective way to keep your home or business warm and/or hot. However, like any other machine, boilers require regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs and potentially dangerous accidents.

Preventive maintenance is still a long way off and the worst thing you can do is delay boiler maintenance until problems arise. You can also consult professional companies for #1 home furnace & boiler maintenance services in IL and get free quotes.

Routine maintenance

Every water heater model is different and reading the manual is critical to safe and efficient use. Make sure you read your manual carefully before trying support! With this in mind, most boilers share the same components and tools for generating heat, and there are a few things every operator should know.

While most boilers manufactured today have a safety breaker that works automatically if something goes wrong, checking the level and temperature is not a bad idea and can help you spot the problem before professional help is needed.

It is wise to keep a daily journal of such things as fuel consumption and levels, water temperature and pressure, condensate water, exhaust gases, and oil. Beware of drastic changes as they could be a sign of big trouble ahead.

Problems, where the average user should seek professional help, include leaks – whether from safety valves, condensate traps, or shut-off devices that are activated repeatedly at extremely high chimney temperatures and insufficient heat even though the boiler is functioning normally.

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