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The Overview of ELISA Reader

ELISA stands for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. The immunoassay utilizes the specific lock-and-key recognition between antibodies and antigens. This recognition occurs naturally in the adaptive immune system; antibodies are created by the immune system when an antigen such as a virus or bacteria invades the body.

The immune system recognizes foreign intruders and produces antibodies that specifically recognize viral or bacterial surface proteins. There are many companies available that also provide the NGF elisa kits online.

Antibodies attach to the surface of immune cells or move freely around the body to mark invaders and initiate a cascade of destruction and elimination. The most useful part of this process from a biotechnology and engineering point of view is the specificity of antibody-antigen recognition.

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The ELISA reader is an instrument for reading the fluorescence, chemiluminescence, or chromogenic reactions of the ELISA on a 96-well plate. The device is designed for standard 96-well plates and provides quantitative information about the reaction rate for each individual plate well. This way, up to 96 different conditions can be checked simultaneously.

The ELISA readers are fluorimeters (which can input light of the excitation wavelength for fluorophores used as labels and record the intensity of light emitted at that wavelength) and spectrophotometers that can record the intensity of chromogenic reactions in wavelengths. range.

Most ELISA readers also come with software that converts raw intensity values into quantitative curves, including dilution and error information. The software is equipped with calibration curves to ensure that the highest levels of quality and reproducibility are achieved each time the instrument is used.


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