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Transform Your Blood Plasma Into Thick Hair

It's a well-known fact worldwide that people are becoming more concerned about receding hair and the factors that can cause it. Many people are carefully considering their options to determine the best treatment. Many clinics are seeing a rise in non-surgical options.

In this context, the relevance and importance of medically possible options are highlighted. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (or simply PRP) is one such option. It is much simpler than other surgical procedures such as FUE/FUT and doesn't require any donor areas or complicated procedures. The risk of infection is greatly reduced by PRP.

It is a gradual process that only platelet-rich plasma can be used to treat hair loss. First, the patient is asked to provide a blood sample that is stored in blood vital fluid antitoxin. The plasma is then separated by centrifugation. Finally, this platelet rich-blood is implanted into the recipient areas with the help of a derma roller using either injections/insertions. This effectively ensures that the quality of what was taken out and what went back in is identical.

What Is Serum?

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This advanced procedure can be viewed at several clinical centers. The highly-trained staff will answer any questions or concerns. The platelet-rich plasma therapy to treat hair loss may need to be used in conjunction with medications like Rogaine and Propecia, but this is just a precaution to help speed up the process.

Anyone who is considering PRP therapy should be aware that it does not replace hair loss. It strengthens existing follicles and improves their intrinsic quality. The plasma's healing and/or growth components are safe and can provide a quick, painless, and relatively risk-free recovery.

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