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Various Signs Of Dyslexia At Different Ages

Dyslexia can cause trouble with spelling, speaking, and writing. So signs can show up in a few areas, not just in reading.

If someone in your neighborhood or family is surviving high school with Dyslexia then this article will help them a lot. Dyslexia can also look different as kids get older. Learn common signs of dyslexia at different ages.

  • Mispronouncing words, like saying beddy tear instead of teddy bear

  • Struggling to name familiar objects and using general words like thing and stuff instead

  • Having a hard time learning nursery rhymes or song lyrics that rhyme

  • Having trouble remembering sequences, like singing the letters of the alphabet

  • Telling stories that are hard to follow or having trouble talking about an event in a logical order

Grades K–2 signs of dyslexia

  • Having trouble learning letter names and remembering the sounds they make

  • Often confusing letters that look similar (like b, d, p, and q) or sound similar (like f and v, b and p, or d and t)

  • Struggling to read familiar words (like a cat), especially if there aren’t pictures

  • Substituting words when reading aloud, like saying house when the story says home

  • Having trouble separating the individual sounds in words and blending sounds to make a word

Grades 3–5 signs of dyslexia

  • Confusing or skipping small words like for and of when reading aloud

  • Having trouble sounding out new words

  • Having trouble quickly recognizing common words (also called sight words )

  • Struggling to explain what happened in a story or answer questions about key details

  • Frequently making the same kinds of mistakes, like reversing letters

  • Having poor spelling, like spelling the same word correctly and incorrectly in the same exercise

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