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What Are Mechanical Roof Curbs

Are you familiar with roof curbs? You probably don't unless you are a roofing expert or a contractor. It doesn't matter if you're building your first home or updating an existing building.

Knowing the differences between different roofing products can be very helpful. This blog will provide a quick overview of roof curbs, and why they are so important in keeping your home and office safe and comfortable.

Roof Curbs 

Roof curbs are frames that attach mechanical equipment to your roofs, such as skylights or air conditioners. This mechanical roof curb supports the mechanical unit's weight and allows contractors to have easier access to the ductwork.


Professional contractors can install roof curbs on offices and other buildings that are under construction to accommodate the HVAC system. Contractors must make a hole in the roof to install roof curbs.

Once the roof curbs are in place, they will place the roofing materials around it. After the roof curbs have been installed, the supply ductwork and return ductwork are connected to the curb openings. The curb's openings will be then sealed to ensure an air-tight seal.

Styles of Roof Curbs 

Roof curbs come in a variety of styles. Contractors can choose from pitched roof curbs, insulated canted curbs, self-flashing pitched curbs, and even custom roof curbs. It’s important to discuss the different installation requirements for your needs with your contractor before choosing an HVAC system or roof curbs to ensure you find the best fit for your building, saving save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

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