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What Makes An IP Valuable?

When you think about intellectual property, what comes to mind? Most likely music, movies, and software. But what about IP that doesn't have mass appeal like pharmaceuticals or agricultural products? 

The answer to that question is that an IP can be quite valuable. In fact, according to Forbes, a patent can be worth as much as $2 million. You can get the best information about  ip valuation via

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But why is IP so valuable? 

One reason is that an IP can be protected through law. This means that someone else can't use your idea without your permission or pay you money for using it. This is important because it allows people to protect their ideas and make money from them. 

Another reason why IP is valuable is that it can give businesses a competitive edge. For example, if a business has a patent on a new product, they can charge other businesses more for using that product. This allows them to make more money and remain ahead of the competition. You may think that your IP address is just a number that your computer assigns when you connect to the internet, but there's a lot more to it than that.

When you register a domain name, you're actually registering ownership of the corresponding IP address. So, if someone else already owns that IP address, they can't use it without your permission.

IP addresses also play a big role in online advertising. Companies use them to track how many people have seen their ads and whether they've clicked on them. This information is valuable to advertisers because it helps them decide which ads to run in the future.

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