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Wing Sauce is No Longer Simply For Chicken Wings

The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York served the very first serving of this delicious dish in 1964. Teressa Belissimo, who was then the co-owner of the bar decided to fry chicken wings, and then put the whole thing in a tangy red mixture of margarine and hot sauce. To reduce the intensity of the dish, she served the wings with a bleu cheese sauce and a tiny amount of celery sticks.

The original sauce was an easy recipe, however, since its inception in the sixties, wing sauces have changed in a number of ways. From mild to spicy traditional, from off-the-wall to classic the number of recipes for wings grows every day. There are wing sauces made with soy sauce and ginger to give them an Asian flavor. You can also order wing sauces of various types via

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Other sauces can include citrus peppers and fresh chilies and cumin to create the perfect Mexican flavor. Take a look at the many varieties available to purchase. Wings do not have to become boring or boring. Because the sauce is an independent component that makes the meal, there's not a reason to make it a chicken-only recipe, or even. 

Wing sauces that are addictive shouldn't be limited to enhancing only one dish; these versatile sauces are great with all of the food items. French fries, hamburgers, pasta, vegetables and seafood are usually benefited by adding a dash of wing sauce. There are a variety of brands of wing sauces that offer a wide range of sauce and meat combinations. 


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