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Pros of Using PEX

One of the newest plumbing technologies on the market is PEX. PEX is a type of piping that uses plastic pipe insulation that can be installed in existing pipes. The insulation makes the pipe more flexible, so it can be bent and curved more easily than other types of pipes.

This makes it perfect for use in places where flexibility is important, like bathroom plumbing and water lines. You can easily purchase insulated PEX pipe via Outdoor Boiler or call us today to get the best PEX pipe.

Another advantage of PEX is that it’s a closed system. This means that no water or gas can leak out, which is great for safety reasons. There have been no reports of PEX failing due to a leak, which is an impressive statistic given the widespread use of other types of plumbing systems.

Some potential drawbacks to PEX include its high price tag and the fact that it requires special tools to install. However, overall, PEX is considered to be an extremely reliable and efficient plumbing system.

Additionally, PEX has a higher resistance to water than copper, which can lead to problems if you have a leak or if you need to add pressure to the system in order to fix a leak. Finally, PEX is not as compatible with other plumbing systems as copper tubing is, so you may have to adapt your installation if you decide to use it.

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