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Easy Tips to Optimize your Mac’s Performance

Although the Mac operating system is generally stable, many things can be done to increase Mac performance. Preventive measures are better than reactive actions that only address the problem after it happens. If you don’t know how to repair your Mac, you can visit this site to get advice from a professional.

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Mac Performance Optimization Tips

#1: Backup is Your Friend – You'd be amazed at how few people don't back up their computers. They don't bother about backing up important files. You should back up the entire system as soon as you make any major changes. It is better to do it more often.  

#2: Update frequently – To maximize your Mac's performance, make sure you have the latest versions of all software and apps. You should look out for updates and security patches from many software developers.

#3: Permissions Repair permissions – Open Disk Utility, select your drive, and click repair. I recommend that you do this before and during major system upgrades.

#4: Tools for the Job – Let's say you need to loosen a nut to remove a bolt from your car. A screwdriver is not something you would use. The right tool is essential for the job. Optimizing your Mac will improve its performance.

#5: Drip, drip, drip – If your computer system is left running for several weeks, sometimes even months, then you need to be worried about memory leaks. A small memory leak can quickly become a major problem. To ensure maximum Mac performance, I recommend that the computer be restarted at least once every two days.

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