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What Type of Workouts will a Motorized Treadmill Help You Do?

Motorized treadmills are an essential piece of workout equipment for people who enjoy doing exercises that normally require both muscle and cardio energy. Running, jogging, and walking are popular aerobic exercises that are performed using a motorized treadmill. While these machines are usually a very safe and comfortable way to exercise, they do come with some drawbacks. Before buying one, it is best to know the pros and cons of owning a motorized treadmill as listed at

One of the main pros of treadmills is that they provide a much more intense workout than their manual counterparts. Manual treadmills would get fairly easy and boring after a while, as the only challenge would be to find and push through that old fashioned spring loaded belt! With a motorized treadmill, this is not a problem because the belt moves in sync with your pace, making it much more exciting. You do not have to worry about getting stuck or having to deal with that old annoying spring loaded belt any longer. As long as you don't go too fast, you will always find yourself pushing the belt ahead of you without even realizing it!

Another great thing about motorized treadmills is that they are much quieter than their manual counterparts. If you are in the middle of a big workout and trying to ignore the noise of the belt, motorized treadmills can be a great help. They will give you almost instant feedback with the speed that you are walking or running at, allowing you to adjust the resistance to burn more calories without interrupting your workout.

One of the downsides to a motorized treadmill is that they cost a little bit more than a manual treadmill anywhere else. However, the price is worth every penny as you will never again dread that irritating spring loaded belt! The motorized treadmills that you will find at fitness stores or online are very reasonably priced. They offer more features than your standard manual treadmill, such as incline or even reverse workouts, which will be great for runners or bikers. It will be important to consider how much money you can afford to spend before buying, so that you can find the best treadmill with the features that are most important to you.

Most electric treadmills will come with an electronic incline feature while manual treadmills may also come with an incline feature. An electric incline can be a great way to burn extra calories, especially if you have limited space. Because electric motors tend to give out less resistance than their manual counterparts, an electric treadmill may be easier on your joints. While this isn't true with all manual treadmills, it is certainly something to consider.

If your goal is to set a personal record of how fast you can run or complete a particular workout, then a motorized treadmill may not be what you need. The main problem with speed work is that it is difficult to keep the pace consistent when you are using a moving belt and often times, your wrist gets tired. When this happens, your speed work performance suffers and you end up finishing slower than you would otherwise. Because speed work is harder to do than you would think, it will take a lot of practice to get it just right. For most people, speed work shouldn't be an option, but if you do use a motorized treadmill make sure you keep your heart rate up and that you keep your head up when you are working at top speed!