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Exposure To Toxic Paraquat Herbicide Thought To Cause Parkinsons Disease

Paraquat Dichloride knew as "paraquat", is a highly toxic herbicide that's widely used and cheaply sold under brands such as Gramoxone and Firestorm. It acts as a weed killer. Paraquat exposure is most common in agricultural workers and farmers. Paraquat exposure is also more likely in rural areas near industrial farms.

Paraquat may have been used in your work or if you live in an area that was near a farm where it was used. If you develop Parkinson's Disease you could be eligible for compensation. Syngenta paraquat legal actions against the manufacturers of this poison are required to obtain compensation. 

Paraquat Parkinson's Lawsuit

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Paraquat is extremely toxic and there is no known remedy. Due to its toxic nature, the U.S. put in several safeguards, including adding a chemical to induce vomiting if it was accidentally swallowed. Paraquat's dangers were known by manufacturers, but they ignored them.

Most people were exposed to the toxin when it was inhaled, sprayed on plants, or both. The result was toxic levels in their bodies, which could have contributed to Parkinson's disease. Paraquat exposure is a serious risk that has been well known for many decades. Paraquat was used by companies to make profits, not for the benefit of consumers. Paraquat victims and their families have the right to seek justice through a lawsuit.

Recent scientific studies have shown a strong link between paraquat exposure and an increased risk of serious health problems like organ failure and Parkinson's disease. Paraquat has been banned in 32 countries. This makes one wonder if paraquat is still legal. Paraquat is legal in the United States, but there are multiple multi-district litigation lawsuits being filed across the country.