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Things To Consider When Purchasing an Automatic Pool Cover In US

When you are thinking about purchasing an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool, it is important to consider a few key factors. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

-Pool size: The cover should fit the pool perfectly in order to prevent wrinkles or gaps. Different models of auto retractable pool covers come in different sizes, so be sure to measure your pool before making a purchase.

-Weather conditions: Pool covers can be damaged by harsh weather conditions, so it is important to make sure your area is forecasted to stay within the ranges that the cover can withstand. For example, some covers are weather resistant to wind speeds up to 120 mph, while others can withstand winds up to 180 mph.

-User friendliness: It is important that the pool cover is easy to use and navigate. Some models have built-in sensors that will automatically open and close the cover once the pool is full or dry. Others require manual intervention every time the pool needs to be filled or emptied.

– Material: Pool covers come in several materials, including vinyl, fabric, and stainless steel. Vinyl is the cheapest option and can be easily replaced, but it does not weather well and can become damaged over time. Fabric and stainless steel covers are more expensive but are more durable and last longer. 

– Functionality: Some automatic pool covers include features such as weather monitoring and alarms, which can help you stay informed if there is any precipitation outside or if the temperature inside the pool rises too high.

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