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Tips for Keeping Kids Asleep

Parents can and should share responsibility for sleep learning. In fact, sleep training can often be more effective when the father takes the lead. Therefore, it is very important for parents to reach agreement on sleep training well in advance of the start of the process.

Turn off blue lights: Televisions, phones, and tablet screens don't work before bed or in the nursery. Turn it off to optimize your child's sleep. You can interact with the baby sleep consultants online to learn the facts here now about baby sleeping.

Try white noise: White noise works well at drowning out more damaging sounds and mimicking uterine sounds, which are surprisingly loud. However, if you use white noise, you should be prepared to leave it on all night. The sudden silence can wake a child.

Optimize the nursery: Shoot a very dark room, with an uncluttered floor to prevent tripping. The optimal temperature should be around 68 degrees to protect the child from overheating.

Don't skimp on naps: It might seem logical that small naps during the day lead to better, longer sleep at night, but that's not true. Often, exhausted babies have trouble sleeping. Keep your naps constant, even if you exercise while you sleep.

Wait to Enter: Babies naturally wake up at night. They also tend to be quite active in their sleep. Even if you opt for more practical sleep training, it's best to give your child time to see if they can settle down for the next sleep cycle.

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