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Tips to Choosing a Tanning or Sunscreen Agent

Not surprisingly, when faced with the variety and range of tanning and sunscreen products available on the market today, the average consumer can find this selection process a little overwhelming and confusing.

Tanning products or sunscreen agents are not only available in multiple forms including sprays, lotions, sticks, gels etc.: they can also be targeted to different activities, age ranges and skin types. 

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In response to the demands of consumers, manufacturers continue to provide an ever increasing number of products for you to choose from, with many targeted to specific markets. However, the variety of choices doesn't mean it makes the selection process easy.

So where on earth do you start?

Besides your skin type, here are some simple tips to consider when making your selection from the variety of tanning and sunscreen products available:

a) Chosen Activity: Being outdoors is not the only element to take into consideration when factoring in your amount of exposure to the sun. You also need to note the intensity with regards to climate, the season, location and time of day.

For example, just because you may be hiking in a cool mountain region or snow skiing, doesn't mean you should throw all caution aside. Wind and UV rays still reach you, so protection would be wise. Consider also any exposure to surfaces with reflective qualities (i.e. snow, water, sand, etc.), as these can intensify UV ray harm.

Activities that make you work up a sweat or those involving water (e.g. basketball, jogging, sun bathing on a hot beach, biking, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, outdoor work and exercise etc.), have the potential to wash off your sunscreen, and therefore need to be addressed also.

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