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What To Expect In A Security Guard Training Course In Kentucky?

While training can be done entirely online, people need to be physically able to perform future tasks that take a long time to get up and running. Often, people are required to take tests, drug tests, and additional training requirements for approval and employment. You can easily achieve a kentucky security guard job license at once you complete the security guard training course.

Execution of the arrest warrant

This training course covers all roles and responsibilities of security personnel with respect to individual arrests. It will teach students how to successfully carry out arrest scenarios and cover topics such as escalation and de-escalation of violence, legal consequences of crime, and strategies of restraint.

Course on weapons of mass destruction

This course introduces participants to the possibility of precisely searching for and reporting possible terrorist activities. Terrorism is being investigated and various types of weapons have been used to provide security guards who can assist and protect others in the event of a terrorist incident.

Public relations course

Security forces are trained to stay away from stereotypes that border on discrimination. This program teaches students the correct actions to respond to discriminatory behavior in the workplace. You will learn to recognize the warning signs associated with aggression, substance abuse, and mental illness.

Courses for monitoring and documentation

Course participants will discover methods of surveillance and patrol that allow adequate reporting to be made. You'll learn to ask the most appropriate questions and distinguish evidence of suspicious activity.

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