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Why Is Fluoride Important For Teeth In Hawaii?

Fluoride has been used for decades as a way of strengthening teeth.It is a mineral that occurs naturally in groundwater and the earth's crust. It is also added to many community water supplies as a fluoridation agent. 

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by consolidating and strengthening tooth enamel. Ingesting fluoride regularly during childhood can help reduce the risk of developing dental cavities. You can book an appointment via for getting fluoride treatment offered by top-rated dentists in Hawaii.

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Young children who need more fluoride may benefit from taking a supplement or using fluoridated toothpaste. Parents should speak with their pediatrician about how much fluoride their child needs and whether they should take supplements or use fluoridated toothpaste.

Fluoride can also be added to water to make it more fluoride-rich. One way to get fluoride is to add it to your child’s drinking water. A teaspoon of fluoride can provide up to four doses of fluoride for children aged four and up. If your child does not consume water from the tap, you can also give them a fluoride supplement.

Fluoride has now been reformulated so that it is more kid-friendly, and many people are starting to use it again. While fluoride does have side effects , these can usually be managed by using caution if your child experiences them. Also fluoridated water is a great way to help prevent cavities in kids.


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