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Why Thumb Sucking Should be Stopped?

There is a myriad of concern when it comes to concern of taking care of children, being a parent you want to see your children developing good habits with proper care and attention, especially in the growing child.

One of the main things most of the parents are worried about is thumb-sucking in their toddlers, but the good news is you can adopt new devices to stop thumb sucking in a better and easy way.

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Side-effects of prolonged thumb sucking in kids:

  • Misalignment of the teeth in which front teeth do not touch and mouth does not close properly which cause the different structure of the mouth.

  • There is an overbite issue in which top teeth cover the bottom teeth which in turn cause the structure of the face and smile to mismatch.

  • Various skin problems occur, which become more vulnerable to injuries and other infections.

  • Speech impediments are one of the causes which results in communicating improperly if not corrected at the proper time.

  • There may also create social issues, when a child sucks thumb in public, may become a target issue and get teased by its peers easily

There are even more issues that need to be addressed regarding thumb sucking if not get controlled timely, and not only the child is affected but parents also, so choose the right way to get rid of this habit in your child at an early age.

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