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What Oil Is Best For Deep Frying?

The most common use for cooking oil is during frying. The oil works as a heat transfer and adds flavor and texture to food. One of the main requirements for cooking oil is that it be stable during high abuse conditions in a deep fryer.

 The two conditions will come into contact with high temperatures and humidity. In general, the oil should be kept at a maximum temperature of 180 ° C during the frying process. If you fry food at a lower temperature, it will increase the accumulation of fat. 

To know more about the best organic hazelnut oil visit The more saturated or solid the oil, the more stable it is to oxidative and hydrolytic degradation, and therefore the less likely it is to polymerize.


Foods that are friends and then stored before being consumed, for example, some of the snacks you can find in your local supermarket, require increasingly stable oil. The more saturated the oil, the more stable it is.

Sunflower frying oils have lower stability due to their high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low content of y-tocopherol. Sunflower oils with high oleic acid content that have been genetically developed are suitable oils for frying.

To get the most out of cooking oils, it's important to distinguish between different frying conditions. The most valuable parameters that we must take into account are the duration of use and the nature of the food that is fried.

If fats from the food itself enter the frying oil, the food components could end up destabilizing the oil and water content of the material, causing a change in frying action.


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